Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The UAE Desert Challenge finished yesterday, with my Galois-smoking customer surprising me by a) not dying, and b) not coming in last. I know he's a pretty good driver, but he has never participated in any kind of rally race before. He's also fifty something, and I had supposed that the insanely hot UAE desert would make short work of his chain-smoking, wine-swilling butt.

Here are the race results. What are 'road penalties'?


Bummer. The movie Serenity will not be shown in theaters in Taiwan. The series was kind of cool (Thanks AJ). The director, Joss Wheden, is the same guy who did the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. I've never seen that show, and don't think it's ever aired in Taiwan. Anybody got the DVD set?


Local: Bonita Senorita, Styx, A place owned by Belgian Chris will be (re)-opening down the street from PJ's. I predict sausages.


Red A said...

It aired on Star World, but I never got into it because it was already season 6 or whatever.

Red A said...

Oh, and why the hell can Taichung have 4 - 6 Indian restaurants but no Mexican place?

I'm envisaging sit-down meal with bar - beans and rice with every order. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas if possible. Tostados.

Cooking the beans only means getting up early.

Why can't we just import some Mexicans and get this DONE.

Yes, I've been visiting the burrito blog again.

Karl said...

Because we're closer to India?

Maybe we should talk to one of those big U.S. chains- Casa Gallardo or Chi Chi's about franchise opportunities. You cook, and I'll do QC on the tequila stocks.

Brian David Phillips said...

Red A, what show are you talking about because "Firefly" (the television "Serenity" is based on) only had one season and only part of that (Fox killed the show and didn't even broadcast three episodes). Karl, where did you get the info that it won't be shown in theatres here? Last I heard from my wife (who meets with the guys who have the distribution rights every once in awhile for MPAA meetings as part of her job) is that they hadn't made a firm decision yet on whether or not to bring it here for a theatrical release. They did have a sneak preview test showing in a couple theatres in Taipei back in September with mediocre results (the invited guests are theatre owners and evidently there were no subtitles for the showing so that can be the kiss of death for a test run anyway). I have the DVD set and it kicks butt (if you visit Taipei sometime, I might be persuaded to having you over for a Firefly viewfest). It is my favorite Joss Whedon title (and I am a Buffy/Angel fan). I've shown the pilot to classes at the university every once in awhile and it is rather humorous when I have to translate the Chinese the actors speak as native speakers of Mandarin just can't figure out the incredibly piss poor pronunciation. There is actually quite a bit of Chinese flavor in this futuristic scifi piece. By all accounts the film kicks butt big time. I am still hopeful it makes it here but it seems less and less likely. I haven't heard the final nail was driven into the coffin yet though so I would like to know your source. - Brian http://briandavidphillips.typepad.com

Karl said...

Brian, Red A is talking about Star World's airing of Buffy, which I have never seen but am kind of curious about now. We've got the Firefly DVD set making the rounds here in Taichung now.

I got the info about Serenity not being shown in Taiwan from this site.

VT said...

Buffy ROCKS. Best show on television -- EVER.