Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm tired of the hand tool business

How exciting are hand tools? Not very. And while there is money to be made, it is nothing like the profits realized by those in the real estate, commodities or narcotics trade.

So I was pretty thankful to receve the E-mail below. Now I'm going to become a high-powered tourmaline agent! Then I'm gonna buy and Armani suit, a Hummer, and some real good cigars.

From: Suleman Abdul []

To: Karl Smith

Dear sir,

This comes to you as a business proposal and an introduction of a relationship that would be of great benefit.i got your address via a reliable source and anticipate that you would show intrest in this great venture.
I am Mr. Suleman .F. Abdul, i am in the semi-prescious stones [ tourmaline] trade in which i have a proposal for you to achive this deal and share from the gain should you be intrested, by asisting in a little task. this would not affect much of your time or job at present.
We have intrested clients in america, europe and asia that are in great demand for our fine quality germstone but require some security in their transactions considering the bad label on nigerians in such business which has come to negatively affect genuine business people like us.For this reason i need and require an agent or a midddle man close to my client that they can feel secure with in the transaction so as to show am geniune.
It does not require much, just a trust worthy and responsible person an account,which would be yours where payments would be made for the germ stones, and as soon as you confirm the money in your account we do the delivery of the goods to our clients. This agency service you would render is like distributorship only that you do not transfer goods just funds, and would yield an annual earnings apart from the immediate 15% you get after any transaction.The money paid by clients would be shared in two. One half you send to us and the other is used to open an account that stands as an investment to bring your yearly earnings at the end of the year . This depend on the type of agent you fall into and the number of transactions you made in the year.

We have clients from your region thet require over 5000kg of germ stones in sum per week and this is worth over US$95000:00. we are working hard to see that our part is sealed to acquire, package,ship,and! make sure the goods arrive its destination.Need i inform you we just discoverd a new site of great tourmaline deposition for exploration,in the south western part on Nigeria behinde the village shirine and they do not know anything about the stone so we are working to acquire that site.
This will seem new if you do not know about this trade, but it is real. Remember i do not need any money from you for the transaction, should you assist financially in any case you deduct it before sending ours after showing proof, just your intrest, trust and alittle seriousness is needed, which you would show,should you be intrested by the purchase of the agency registration form which is US$350:00 and US$550:00 for gold and silver group respectively for transactions of stones of 100--500kg and 500kg and above respectively.
This should be treated with urgency and confidentiality, as i repose my trust in you expect a reciprocation.if you are willing to join mail me to! get information on how to pay and how.I asure you this 100% guaranty and would be a new door for financial income for you.Thanks .


Mr.suleman.F. Abdul

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