Thursday, September 01, 2005

Typhoon Day

Typhoon Talim is here. I went out with my $100 digital camera this morning, trying to take some pictures of the damage. A combination of factors- my camera being a piece of crap, and my being the worst photographer in the whole world, conspired to keep me from getting any good typhoon pics. So then I look at Michael Turton's blog, and he has photodocumented today quite nicely. Man, I hate that guy.

I guess the eye is over us right now. Compared to what Katrina did to New Orleans, our damage will be negligible. One of the benefits of having all your residential structures made of concrete and steel. Well, concrete and salad oil cans maybe, but still better than wood.

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Red A said...

Same problem with me and cameras. I did see about 3 crushed cars and my park's trees are 50% gone. As in gone.

During the storm I counted 5 sirens - so some people must have been in more trouble.