Friday, September 30, 2005

Mighty Big O' Me

This in from Red A: First Trio "Married" in The Netherlands

It appears that I've had it all wrong. I assumed that as I neared 40 and got fatter and balder, that this would somehow diminish my threesome chances. But look at that guy in the pic! I'm shaving my head when I get home today.

Though I'm not sure two wives is enough. I mean, two wives is good- one in the kitchen cooking and one doing laundry, but those windows are not going to wash themselves. And ideally I'd have another wife to push the little plastic tanks and ships around the board as I tutor Michael Turton in weekly Axis & Allies lessons.

So, I'm shooting for four wives, or maybe five just to be on the safe side. Prospective spouses can send their C.V. by E-mail. Be sure to enclose a pic. Now, how much are tickets to Amsterdam?


Red A said...

Dude, you're channeling Homer Simpson when he gets married in Vegas and imagines the benefits of having two wives...

Marge is chopping wood and Amber is digging a hole....then Marge says, "Ya know Homie, there is so much more two wives could do for you.."

Homer, "I don't hear any wood being chopped!"

Michael Turton said...

Two wives! I don't know if I could handle sex doubled to 12 times a day.


Robin said...

Something about not holding your breath pops to mind.