Friday, July 22, 2005

Pyramid Scheme

The ancient pyramids of Egypt. Awe-inspiring not only in their size and construction, but in their ability to spawn arguments and creative interpretations of reality...

A: They were made by aliens, you know.
B: No they weren't, they were made by ancient Egyptians with Alien technology.
C: Antigravity technology!
D: No no no! It was an ancient, lost civilization that mastered antigravity.
E: Using Ley lines!
F: That's not true. The 'stones' of the pyramids are actually made from a kind of concrete. The Egyptians used a formula (lost to us now) that allowed the softening and forming of stone. This one guy in Western Nebraska has almost replicated it.
G: Egyptcrete?
F: I guess he might call it that.
H: Haven't you ever read Edgar Cayce? The pyramids were built by Atlanteans!
A: ALIEN Atlantians!
I: The pyramids were actually large power stations.
A: For pumping water.
C: No no, the power stations fueled the anitgravity devices that made the pyramids!
E: With Ley lines!

Now, it looks like an eccentric old carpenter is pissing in everybody's Woo-Krispies. Link.


Michael Turton said...

What's your A & A schedule?

You know about Doug Weller's site? He's got some fantastic links on cult archaeology. Scroll down for the list.

Karl said...

A & A is starting at my house in 2 1/2 hours. Give me a call.

Michael Turton said...

Damn. Not a chance today. Sorry. Maybe later in the week.