Monday, May 30, 2005

Taichung Sports Update

The KS Tools foosball team crushed the Hi-Five foosball team 10 - 2 at FM last night. Mutterings of 'Kraut', 'Jerry' and 'Blockhead' were heard.

Sunday night chess: Thirsting for retribution and only slightly staggering, I dispensed such an unholy smackdown over the chessboard at Salut that Nick turned purple, grew horns, and climbed a tree to escape my ferocity.

Someone got a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct at poker??? I'm not sure- I had to work on Saturday so I left poker early Friday night. I hope there was kung-fu involved.

Axis & Allies, this Saturday, June 4, 14:00 hours. My house. It's also the 16th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, so everyone should expect for me to have a couple of beers and ramble on about it for a while. Pay me no mind, I do it every year. There may be one point of confusion at this Saturday's game: I have invited Jaurei (she is the photographer whose work has been shown at FM) to come play with us. The point of confusion is this- Since our last game quickly degenerated into verbose claims of who had the largest membrum virile, I am unsure as to how Jaurei will be able to really participate, insofar as she is a she and therefore somewhat lacking in the 'Little Elvis' department. Anyway, Mike, Malv and Aaron, leave a comment and let me know if you are up for a game this Saturday.


Karl said...

Just received this E-mail from Michael Turton:

"Karl, your strategic mastery is just too intimidating. I don't dare show up and sully the board with my inferior moves. I'll keep studying and maybe someday I'll be a tenth as good as you, and then I might dare show my face at the Axis & Allies board again."

Wise choice Mr. Turton. I wish you well in your studies.

Red A said...

I think I can make it.

Michael Turton said...

I see I misspoke in my previous email. See ya there!


Anonymous said...

Chaon challenges Nick?

Must I now keep score?

Heavens! I'll be waiting.

Nick, Chess King

Karl said...

Good to see you were able to climb down out of that tree, professor. Now all you need is some de-purpling cream, a large nail file, and MCO...