Friday, April 15, 2005

Local business check: Is it true that The Londoner has closed its doors for good? If so, where are Taichungers going to go for cricket, rugby, bad pizza, FES*, and other staples of British culture? Was it a victim of **** *** *******'s campaign to clear out the competition before opening his own pub? Wouldn't an appropriate name for such a pub be **********? Yeah it would.

Tonight, the peripatetic menace known to the world as Malv shall meet his demise over the Axis & Allies board. This is the new version, with destroyers, artillery, victory cities etc., but since neither of us have any idea how the game dynamics have changed with the new pieces and rules, there is no advantage to either side. The only important fact is that Malv has absolutely no chance of winning, evidenced by his being a bald Republican. No way am I going to lose to a bald Republican. No Way.

On this blog, I seldom talk about what books I'm reading and my thoughts on them. You don't care what I'm reading, and to be honest, I don't have that good of taste in literature anyway. I am departing from this tradition because the book I am reading right now demands special commentary. I am reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Here's the commentary: It is shite. (that's a quaint English way of saying 'shit'). The fact that it made the New York Times Bestseller List is comforting only in that it tells me that there are people out there with worse taste in books than me. If I start smoking again in the next few days, I'm gonna blame this book. Or maybe Malv.

* Failed Empire Syndrome. Don't even ask.

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