Sunday, April 10, 2005

5 days, 19 hours, I don't know how many minutes because it is Sunday morning.

Disregarding Aaron's advice, I went to poker with a few Budweisers under my arm and a pack of gum in my pocket. I should have listened to Aaron. Not that I started smoking again, but I was unfortunate enough to witness our cherished poker game get utterly wrecked by the rude stupid newbie brought to the game by Pimp. Any single attribute (rude, stupid, newbieness) is acceptable in itself, but combine all three and you've got a guy who doesn't know the rules, can't understand the rules when you explain them, and insists that the way he and his friends play is the only right way and the six of you have no idea what you are doing. I left at 11:13pm. Pimp, if you brought that blockhead to chase me away from the game to make sure I didn't start smoking again, then Thank You. If not, then what in the hell were you thinking?

In the news: China Protestors Attack Japanese Targets. The government of China thinks that by allowing these protests, it can pressure Japan while at the same time letting the Chinese people direct their frustrations toward an outside target. I have seen this before, and that shit's gonna backfire.

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