Saturday, March 19, 2005

BEATING UPDATE: There was no beating. Go away.

I like deer a lot. I do not like to eat deer. Deer are a very cool animal. In my class we read about deer. I hope we can get a lot of them. I hope you can make a deer tracks. Deer are a very cool. I like deer very much. I like baby deer to. I would like to have one baby deer. If I had a deer I would like it very much. I hope I can see a baby deer this time. I like deer because they can run fast very fast.

In other news, Canadian Roman has finally left today, ending one of the longest visa overstays I have heard of here in Taichung (9+ years). He was going to try to fly out of Kaohsiung airport, with the idea that they would be more lenient than CKS. I predict: 3 days detention and lifetime ban from entering the island.

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