Friday, January 28, 2005

The Straight Dope does a pretty good job of tackling the biblical story of drunken Noah. )Part I & Part II.

Now, if someone can just explain Psalms 137:9 to me, I'll have the week's theological confusions all taken care of.


Follow-up on the death of Zhao Ziyang: China rounds up, beats mourners for deposed leader Zhao. Now surely, in light of President Bush's recent inauguration speech in which he championed the expansion of freedom, this will draw strong condemnations from the United States government. Right? Right? Wrong. You see, when President Bush and his supporters use the word 'Freedom', what they mean is 'doing things our way'. So when the government degrades the civil rights of it's citizens in a senseless war on drugs, that's 'Freedom'. Banning alcohol sales on Sunday morning? Freedom. Criminalizing marijuana? Freedom. 31 Billion dollars of trade with a Communist Dictatorship? That's Expanding Freedom, baby.
Control the language and you control everything. Slick move, really.

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