Wednesday, January 12, 2005

In response to Aaron's and SPQR's comments on the Bible story post below:

I spent many Sundays at the U.U. church in Tampa. It was a refreshing change from the fire and brimstone sermons that I had grown up with. I think U.U.'ers approach that a proposition of metaphysics must be treated differently than a proposition of logic or of empiricism is preferable, and in the final analysis more correct.

You know how in the game Civilization, Monotheism is an important civilization advance? I agree that it is as far as a culture's historical development goes. But there is another conceptual advance, in which a culture comes to understand that the 'truths' of religion have a very specialized (and limited) application. U.U.'ers have made that advance. Southern Baptists have not.

The Unitarians (before they merged with the Universalists in the 1800's) claim four U.S. presidents, so the portrayal of the church as a cult or a crackpot religion is inaccurate. That's not to say that there aren't crackpots in the U.U. church, but what faith is totally crackpot free?

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