Tuesday, January 25, 2005

If you have had a drink at La Terrasse in the last two years, and the subject of gyms has come up, you may have heard Terry's story of getting lied to and screwed by World Gym. I'll not repeat it here, suffice to say that if I blew that much money on a gym membership that I'd never be able to use, my wife would still be beating me. If my wife beat me. Which she doesn't. Because I am so masculine and all.

So I'm talking to Chuck the other night and he says that what happened to Terry is pretty much par for the course when dealing with World Gym. They (according to Chuck) will say absolutely anything to get you to sign: You'll get FREE PARKING!. They'll have an OLYMPIC SIZE POOL! You'll get 6 extra months free if you JUST SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!. Then the member finds out later that they got lied to, and the World Gym management will carefully and systematically ignore all complaints. Supposedly there is a petition going around locally for disenchanted World Gym members who are trying to get their money back. I Googled a bit, but couldn't find anything online about this.

If you know more about World Gym shenanigans (especially from the Taichung De-An Branch), leave a comment. If you want to defend World Gym from this malicious third-hand gossip, that's fine too.

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