Monday, June 21, 2004

Well, I guess everyone knows I like chess. And I like sex as well, though probably not as much (Seldom need to shower after chess). But I'm still not entirely comforatble with mixing the two. (ganked from Brian)

Now first of all, I don't care if their software causes instant orgasm, it is not "the ultimate chess experience". The ultimate chess experience involves playing King's gambit against an International Master, then sacking a knight in the midgame to blow his position out further, then bringing all your pieces to bear on his queenside, and burning his clock to take a game you had no chance of winning. Trust me, I know.

I'm also ill at ease with the phrase on the site "Watch the gods make love". What is this, some kind of new fetish? Deity porn? How about if I mind my own business and the gods mind theirs? I'd rather watch gods smite each other anyway.

Speaking of chess and god(s). GM Steinitz (who also thought he could emit electrical currents through his fingers) claimed on his deathbed that he could spot god a pawn and still beat Him in chess. When Bobby Fischer heard this he said "That's wrong. Nobody can give God pawn odds and win. But if I played white, I bet I could play God to a draw."

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