Tuesday, May 20, 2003

To which I replied:

Jill, if you honestly believe that Winona's camp program is "very full and organized", then there is no basis for us to discuss the issue any further. Winona fails on so many levels at being all that a camp can and should be, that I would not advise any parent to send their child there. Many times did I witness the graduates of your award winning CIT program sleeping in their tents instead of being at their activity, too hung-over to function as counselors even in the loosest sense. Yet you say none of it touches the campers¡¦ experience? In the sense that a camper probably won¡¦t complain to his parents that he spent an entire morning hanging around the Wiggy, I guess you are correct. However, I suspect that the camper that was peed on by Darius in the middle of the night while he (the camper) was sleeping the previous summer might take issue with your analysis.
To end this on a particularly snide note, I would think that, as one who prides herself on having taught English for 17 years would know how to spell ¡§camaraderie¡¨. Furthermore, I am curious as to whether Brian Tippy, introversion and delicate constitution notwithstanding, has incorporated a ¡¥How to Buy Heroin¡¦ class into Winona¡¦s CIT program.

Ha ha. Brian Tippy is the infamous Yale student who showed up at a police station at 5 in the morning with a bag of heroin, asking the cops to check its purity. Fortunately for Brian, he comes from a wealthy, connected family, 'cause I don't think he would have held up well in prison.

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Anonymous said...

His family is not that wealthy OR connected. Obviously, you have no clue, but I do...I'm part of his family.