Monday, April 16, 2018

Businessperson:I just think that at this price point, with these features, it will be impossible to sell this thing into this market.

Chaon: It's not impossible. With the right marketing approach, we can sell enough so that every person in the distribution channel makes a profit.

**A vortex in spacetime opens, opening a rift to 1986**
***An angry Chaon, but one that is 19 years old, leaps through the temporal wormhole***
****The younger and much thinner Chaon punches me dead in the face, breaking my nose.****
*****1986 Chaon leaps beck through the vortex, as it closes begind him.*****

Chaon: OW, JESUS CHRIST! What the FUCK?!?! #

Businessperson: From what I can tell, the younger you is extremely unhappy with the current you.

Chaon: Well, I can't say that I blame him.

# Seriously, who knew that someone so skinny could punch so hard?

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