Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Episode 4 - Battle of Yavin

WARNING: The following contains a sort-of spoiler for The Last Jedi!


“The battle station is heavily shielded and carries a firepower greater than half the star fleet. Its defenses are designed around a direct large-scale assault. A small one-man fighter should be able to penetrate the outer defense.”

In the back, a tall unshaven Chaon, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beverage from an aluminum can, tries to get Dodonna’s attention:
“Wait! We can just…”

Gold Leader, a rough looking man in his early thirties, stands and addresses Dodonna, cutting Chaon off.

“Pardon me for asking, sir, but what good are snub fighters going to be against that?”

“Well, the Empire doesn't consider a small one-man fighter to be any threat, or they'd have a tighter defense. An analysis of the plans provided by Princess Leia has demonstrated a weakness in the battle station.”

R2D2 stands next to a similar robot, makes beeping sounds, and turns his head from right to left.

Chaon tries to move to the front to get Dodonna’s attention, but drops his beverage can. He bends over to pick it up, but wastes several seconds sucking away the foam pouring out of the lid.

“The approach will not be easy. You are required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should destroy the station.”

A murmur of disbelief runs through the room.

Chaon, becoming increasingly agitated, starts yelling at Dodonna:
“Guys, there is a better way! If we take out the primary weapon, then the battle station is tactically useless! We just take a large ship, aim it at the weapon on the station’s surface, bump the ship into hyperspace from close range! The kinetic energy will…”

“Only a precise hit will set up a chain reaction. The shaft is ray-shielded, so you'll have to use proton torpedoes.”

Luke is sitting next to Wedge Antilles, a hotshot pilot about sixteen years old.

“That's impossible, even for a computer.”

“It's not impossible. I used to bull's-eye womp rats in my T-sixteen back home. They're not much bigger than two meters.”

Chaon is now yelling and waving his arms, spilling beer everywhere:
“We could do this with a couple of ships, just to make sure! We don’t even need kamikaze pilots – we can make droids pilot the ships. Droids like C3P0. Nobody likes him anyway!”

“Man your ships! And may the Force be with you!”

The group rises and begins to leave. Chaon steals a ship and heads for the Mos Eisly spaceport, where he will in all likelihood fit right in. 

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