Wednesday, August 16, 2017

30 Years Ago Today - The Harmonic Convergence

Now you youngsters won’t remember this, but 30 years ago today the world experienced the event known as the Harmonic Convergence. It was an exceptional time, and its effects have been profound and long-lasting.

Because of the special alignment of the planets and stars, peoples’ consciousness expanded like gas trapped in a rotting whale. We ate spiritual awakening by the bucketful. Unanticipated peace broke out in the vale and on the steppes, and several species uplifted and left the planet Earth entirely. That’s why you kids have never seen a striped spanner-bill dugong – they were one of the first groups to go.

In the southlands, the dead emerged from their tombs and danced wildly through the rain-soaked streets. They seemed to especially like the song “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac. In fairness to the dead, Tango in the Night was a very good album.  

As the preachers screamed “Eschaton! Eschaton!” in the churches (for that August 16 fell on a Sunday), the great cats of Madawaska, descendants of Bastet and Barong Ket, glided silently in their hunt for the evil witch clown Poleesheore (They never caught him – though it is unknown if he escaped through magic or stealth). It is said that late at night in the White Mountains, you can still hear those mighty felines howling in anger over their failure.

As that fateful day ended and our pupils shrank back to their normal size, the world started its slow return to normality. There was nothing we could do except put our clothes back on, say goodbye* to the glowing sea otters with whom we had been frolicking, and call work to say we wouldn’t be coming in the next morning. But we of Gen X remember that day and the changes it wrought upon our psyches.

* “wilujeung keur ayeuna

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