Thursday, December 22, 2016

True Story

The R & D department of the U.S. army created what they believed was the world’s most narrow drill bit. To show off their technical prowess, they sent a sample to the engineering division of the Russian army.

Three weeks later, they received a package in the mail. Inside the package, they found their drill bit. Looking at one end of the bit, they could see that the Russians had drilled a hole down the center!

The following month, one of the American researchers was showing the bit to a Swedish colleague while telling him the story of the ingenious Russians. The Swede asked to take the bit back to his lab for further analysis, and the American agreed. Six days later, the Americans arrived at their office to find a small box on the doorstep. Inside the box was the drill bit and a magnifying glass. When the Americans used the magnifier to look into the end of the bit, they saw that the Swedes had engraved the Swedish national anthem on the walls of the hole drilled by the Russians!

By now the story of the drill bit had become well-known, and the bit was placed in a glass display case in the lobby of the American R & D facility. But one morning when the army researchers arrived at work, the display case was found to be empty! Four days later, the Americans received a DHL package from an unknown address in Tokyo. With feelings of resignation, they opened the package and took out the drill bit. Using a microscope, they peered into the hole, and saw 2 teams of nanotech robots with 11 players each playing soccer on the curved surface of the inner hole! 

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