Monday, August 01, 2016

Types of Networks

BAN - Body Area Network - Comprises communication between sensors placed on the human body.

CAN - Cthulhu Area Network - Instead of the commonly-used "handshake" between devices, a CAN uses the "tentacle poke." The eldritch protocols used in these networks inevitably drive the administrator insane.

FLAN - Florida Area Network - A FLAN transfers data between trailer parks, racist old people, and drug lords, using laughably outdated hardware.

HAN - Home Area Network - As the name would suggest, a HAN is the connection of network enabled devices in a domestic home.

LAN - Local Area Network - The scope of a LAN is larger than that of a HAN and smaller than that of a CAN. A LAN is typically the network of computers placed in a school or a small office.

MAN - Mango Area Network - These networks utilize a backbone of sweet and juicy fruits, with protocols that are related to poison oak. 

PAN - Paladin Area Network - Refers to communication from and between crusaders for holy justice. Requires proprietary hardware and software.

WAN - Wide Area Network - The largest of the geographical computer networks listed on this page. WAN's connect regional and national computer networks together.

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