Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yes, I know

It is true. The year 2019 will be here before we know it. And I do live in a rainy city of steel and glass. It is often dark here, and most days I do not know if the darkness is because of the pollution or because of the never-ending rain. Thinking about it, I guess it is both. It doesn't really matter - bright neon signs give the streets plenty of light when the sun cannot.

But the similarities end there. Well, mostly end there. The language we speak is not a mixture of English, Spanish and Japanese. It is a mixture of English, Taiwanese, and Chinese. The economy is not dominated by one huge corporation, it is dominated by several huge corporations.

As to the other part of your assertion - it's just ridiculous. I have memories. I have lots of frie... people that know me. I have worked at this company for almost four years, and the boss says I am the best worker. Look at all of these photographs I have! I cherish these photos, because they are a chronicle of my natural life. I don't remember when all of them were taken, and I don't recognize some,,, well most of the people in the pictures, but that's just old age. People, real people, forget things you know?

And yeah, I am different in many ways from my coworkers. They don't entirely understand me, nor I them. But we get along very well I think. If you asked any of the people in this company to describe me, I'm sure they would say that I am a nice guy, and definitely human. They certainly wouldn't call me a Replicant.

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P. S. said...

But let me ask you this: do you have dreams of the firestorms on the rings of Samtonede?