Friday, April 29, 2016

What is a Sovereign Citizen?

According to Senorjefe on Reddit:

You know LARPing, where people dress up in costumes and craft foam swords and then go to battle with each other? Imagine if a bunch of LARPers suddenly got it into their heads that their weapons were real, and then declared war on the United States military. And every time somebody told them that their swords were made out of foam, they would angrily explain that their swords were real, and actually it was the military's machine guns and tanks and fleet of F-35 Lightning II's that were fake.
Those LARPers are sovereign citizens. They are people who made up and/or bought in to a bunch of fake legal rules like "If a courtroom has an American flag with a gold fringe border, that means it is really a maritime court and doesn't have any jurisdiction over me." Then they go to court and try to convince a judge that they are immune from the judge's orders because of this. It goes over exactly as well as fighting the F-35 with the foam sword.

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