Friday, November 06, 2015

Floridian History

In 1989, the state of Florida found itself in crisis, with an untold number of casualties overwhelming the state’s medical resources. The injuries to the populace were caused by a confluence of two factors: The release of the song Thieves by the industrial-techno band Ministry, and Chaon’s ability to wreak unholy havoc in a mosh pit. The situation forced Governor Bob Martinez to choose between outlawing the song, and banishing Chaon from the state. Since making the song illegal would have raised problematic First Amendment issues, Martinez ordered Chaon’s ouster. The Tampa police department, working together with the Hillsborough chapter of the Kōga ninja clan, launched a surprise assault on Chaon. After an eight-hour battle, Chaon was subdued, bound in chains, and put on the next flight to Asia.

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