Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Whoa, we've got great hair

Promoters: Jon Bon Jovi shows in Shanghai and Beijing canceled for 'unforeseen reasons'

Jon was gonna sing in Beijing
CCP got pissed
‘Bout the Dalai Lama thing
It's tough, so tough

Tico played the drums all day
Prepared for the show,
He’s ready to play
For love, for love

They say, "We've gotta strive hard to mollify Xi.
You can’t perform in China without The Party
My wife’s cousin has a son who’s in the NPC.
I’ll call, and we'll use our guanxi!"

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Karl Smith said...

The CCP should have foreseen this. After all, the Chinese characters for "Bon Jovi" are 邦乔维, and literally mean "Reactionary Splittist Lackeys"