Wednesday, March 04, 2015


...usually suck, and will make you stupider for just having read them. Stupider *and* angrier. Youtube is the obvious example, but most blogs are the same.

The exception is Popehat. Comments there are often insightful and hilarious. Not my comments, of course, but comments by people like this Tony Festa guy:

Grendell, like so many of his ilk, takes a one-sided view of first amendment rights, giving all credence to his right to speak freely, but ignoring the incumbent duty of tolerating the rights of others to speak their mind, even if offensive. He seems blind to the strength of American democracy, that public officials can be parodied, verbally pilloried, and grotesquely insulted and still maintain the authority of their office. And this is only because of the long-standing American belief that the power wielded by public officials belongs to the people and is vested in the office, not the person. In our tradition, the office deserves respect, but the officeholder must earn it.


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