Saturday, February 14, 2015

Note to Self -

Shop more at Newegg

The greatest thing about this story it has a hero, something that is usually missing from intellectual property disputes. An outspoken hero at that:

"I hope Soverain continues their appeal, using the most expensive possible appellate counsel, and pushes their meritless litigation activities against other defendants," said Newegg's top lawyer, Lee Cheng. "After this decision, if they haven't already crossed the line into sanctionable behavior, they will if they keep pursuing people based on the stupid shopping cart patents."
(Note to Self number two - Do not ever try to shake down Newegg by waving around some stupid design patent(s). Your past successes in this regard were, quite frankly, low hanging fruit.  Lee Cheng tolerates no bullshit whatsoever.)

Also, I should buy a Newegg Fight Patent Trolls T-Shirt

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