Friday, August 15, 2014

Prenda Law!

Ken at Popehat may or may not have given up posting about Prenda law, but to anyone who's ever had to respond to a Plaintiff's First Set of Interrogatories, it is the story that keeps on giving. And by that I mean it's simultaneously hilarious and satisfying and I don't want it to end, ever.

The latest installment comes from TechDirt:

Prenda Lawyer Would Like Future Documents Sealed Because Techdirt Commenters Said Mean Stuff About Him

Additionally, the Plaintiff is respectfully requesting that any future filings in this case may be filed under seal. This case has generated much unneeded attention on the internet. Please see Exhibits N-S. While the writers listed in exhibits N-S have the right to post these articles, unfortunately, these articles and blogs have created an embarrassment, misleading characterizations and perhaps an unsafe environment for plaintiff's counsel and third parties. As such, plaintiff is respectfully requesting that all future filings be permitted to be made under seal.
Yep, the tried-and-true legal maneuver known as creata pudet videlicet also called "but your Honor they are embarrassing me! *sob*"

The attorney's name is Jacques Nazaire. The name "Nazaire" is bouncing around your head trying to connect to something you remember. Here, I'll give it a push: The St Nazaire Raid was a badass amphibious assault in WWII. Also known as Operation Chariot.

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