Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep Laughing, Libs

But I happen to think that the fact that we have fewer catapults now than at previous times in history is an absolute travesty, and one that would be quickly remedied under a Chaon administration. 


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the joke.

If I ask you if we have enough beer, and then you say "We don't need playboy magazines because we have the internet for porn" you really haven't answered the original question in some kick ass way. In fact, you've just done and apples/oranges comparison, which last I checked wasn't some brilliant logic move.

And submarines and aircraft carriers were around in WW I, so that's not an amazingly brilliant comeback either. In fact, it sorta sounds like someone didn't know these things existed back then.

I guess I would be okay with this whole if we didn't have instances of Chinese subs popping up right in the middle of our carrier groups. That doesn't inspire confidence that our quality is so awesome we won't need a bit of quantity to back it up.

Though, if we run out of money, it doesn't matter anyways. The cuts will be made, and probably in the stupidest fashion possible as that is the American way.

Karl said...

The joke goes like this:

Aaron: Your party design sucks. You don't have a disco ball.

Karl: Well yeah, I also do not have a jukebox or any Happy Days posters.

*canned laughter follows*

Romney was thinking in outdated modes, and Obama's method of highlighting this was downright Chaonesque.

Anonymous said...

The battle ship joke was way better. That should have been the main joke.

That horses zing was not as good as you think.

Hmmmmm, assuming both of those zingers were canned, I am going to guess he had one for the navy (Battleship) and one for the army, and when he had his opportunity, he just released both of them to the wild.

That makes sense.