Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I would have thought...

...that 419 scams would get progressively more clever and creative. Like late last year, when I was contacted by a close confidant of the late Muammar Gaddafi, who needed help in moving millions of dollars in Libyan oil money that had been overlooked in the course of the revolution. If that pitch had been combined with a .ly e-mail address, I think it would have been a well-rounded and effective proposal.

So I am pretty disappointed to receive this today:

 From: test@procan.com.cn
I am Ms Christina Wright and i got your contact on my personal search of the person i want to will my money to.Please i willed the sum of ($21,000,000.00) to you ,that is the only money left in my account right now. Please if you really want to know why i have willed this money to you and you want this money to be transferred to you please contact the bank manager whose name and address i will give you as soon as you reply this mail.

My bank will help you transfer this money that i have willed to you.Right now i am in the hospital emailing you with my lap top computer and i will tell you my story as soon as i hear from you.Please email me back

Thank you for your understanding.

God Bless you.

Come on people. Put some effort into it.


Anonymous said...

They make it up in quantity.

A New Kind of Literary Critic... said...

Joy Johnson