Thursday, December 29, 2011


I've been playing this Battlestations Pacific game on the Xbox, and I have developed several unique aerial combat techniques that I thought I should share with you, since it is highly unlikely that you would be able to discover these on your own.

When an enemy fighter is behind you (1): Pull back on the throttle to cut your speed down as fast as possible. When you engine stalls, crash into the ocean and die.

When an enemy fighter is behind you (2): Accelerate hard while pulling into a steep climb. When the plane has looped 270 degrees, you will be flying perpendicular to the horizon at a high rate of speed, so you can crash into the ocean and die.

When strafing enemy ships: Come in very low to avoid ships AA guns, and fire wildly at the ship with no specific target. When you are about to crash into the ship, bank hard to the left and crash into the ocean and die.

When facing multiple air targets: Do not pick one enemy aircraft and destroy it. Fly around in ever tighter circles, attempting to simultaneously shoot down everything. When you no longer know your location, velocity or heading, crash into the ocean and die.

NOTE: These techniques have been refined over many hours of gameplay, so do not feel bad if you cannot master them all at once.


Robin said...

So you don't really want me to explain the tactics of Lt. Thach or the Chennault tactics of the AVG ...

Karl said...

Let's just say I'm glad these games have a 'Rookie' level.

Anonymous said...

So now you respect George Bush Sr. some more...crash into ocean...and survive!

Karl said...

I always respected Bush Sr. for his service. Dude was like 22 or or 23 years old when he was sent to the Pacific, and he gets shot down in the middle of nowhere.