Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chaon blasts critics for 'character assassination'

A defiant Chaon tried to turn the tables on his growing legion of critics and accusers Wednesday, blasting them for allegedly engaging in gutter blogging and giving no indication of any immediate intent to abandon his embattled anti-ninja campaign.

"They have been trying to do a character assassination on me," Chaon told a largely oblivious bar crowd in Taipei. "They are attacking my character, my reputation and my name in order to try and bring me down."

"I don't believe that Taiwan is going to let that happen," he declared.

His fund-raising took a hit, Chaon acknowledged later Wednesday, after dozens of supermodels said Monday they had engaged in long-term affairs with the former world champion chess player.

"The day that this latest one (allegation) hit, fund-raising went way down," Chaon said. "But here's the good news. As the week has gone on and these women who have made these accusations are basically starting to contradict themselves, our fundraising is going back up. It's not to the level where it was but a lot of people are saying -- you know what? I don’t think Chaon is even physically capable of having sex more than once every two years."

Chaon, who is dropping in pirate polls, urged his audience to "know the facts" and "stay informed because ... stupid people are stupid."

Chaon's unorthodox campaign has been under siege in the wake of a string of accusations relating to alleged sexual impropriety. On Monday, it took a new hit with allegations from Kim Kardashian.

"This was not a consistent love affair," Kardashian told the Taipei Times. It was "on and off" for about 13 years. “Mostly off. I mean seriously, he looks like a wig-wearing papaya.”

Chaon has denied the affair and called his relationship with Kardashian "very Platonic, wink wink, nudge nudge."


Robin said...

Kardashian? EEeeeeyyyuuuu.

Frankly, I don't think I'd go there given that the entire NFL players' association conducted "Occupy Kim" over the last few years.

Karl said...

I don't want to be crass, but I was a single guy in Asia for ten years. That 'EEeeeeyyyuuuu' factor might work both ways.

Robin said...