Monday, October 24, 2011


Brothers and Sisters, we have watched the brave protesters on Wall Street fight against the tyrannical inequities that oppress us all. And we have watched their message take spark in similar demonstrations worldwide, spreading to over 1500 cities globally. It is time we take a courageous stand against the corresponding oppression in our own sphere, and expose how the tallest 1% of the population repeatedly shows up at our house and drinks all of our beer.

In solidarity with all who have ever opened up their refrigerator and said: “Hey! Where is all my damn beer? And WHY does my house smell like FEET?”, we announce this call to Occupy Karl’s Living Room.

Our way of life is in crisis. The United Nations has refused to take part in a solution, and we can no longer afford to let Karl’s beer greed and chainsmoking habits negatively affect our way of life. We must reassert sovereign control over our beer budgets.

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