Thursday, September 01, 2011

Banned Stories- Forumosa Edition

First they came for Chewycorns,
and I didn't speak out because seriously, screw that guy.

Then they came for Tommy525,
and I didn't speak out because Tommy refused to shut the fuck up, even after I told him a whole bunch of times.

Then they came for Mucha Man,
and I didn't speak out because it was obvious to all that the dude had it coming.

Then they came for me
and I wasn't all that upset because it's a goddamn online forum and not even I am clueless enough to keep critical business data here. It's not like they beat me up and took away my beer.



Robin said...

Sense, this thread does not make.

(turing word "potant" - Why, yes ma'am, I iz potant. )

Karl said...

Forumosa is the forum I went to after I left Debunkers.

Robin said...

and ...

(turing word: nograti - I don't want to seem unappreciative but nograti )