Monday, July 04, 2011


1) I was NOT "pushing my bike up the mountain". I was calibrating the front suspension on an incline for the science technical engineering.

2) Well of course my face was red. That's because I was concentrating so hard on the best calibration methods. But I think it is hyperbole to say that my face looked "like a boiled beet".

3) That was not "gasping for breath". That was an advanced form of Tai chi yoga magic that I mastered a long time ago.

4) I most certainly was not "crying and whimpering". I was singing. I was singing an ancestral song of a noble indigenous people that you have never heard of because you are not so multicultural like I am. The name of the song? Well in fact, it is called the 'Cry and Whimper Song'. So that's the reason for your error right there.

I hope that there is no further confusion as to what happened last weekend.

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Robin said...

Seems pretty clear to me.