Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm not the most politically correct person...

No lady, me neither.

But I think you got it easy at UCLA. Here where I live, I'll be like, in my kitchen. Cooking like, red beans and rice. And these hordes of Asians* will come into my kitchen, like, right in the middle of my cooking. And the Asian will be all like: "Ching chong ching 你在煮什麼東西噁心哦 !"

And I'll be all like: "Woman, get the hell out of my kitchen!", And she'll be all like: "Hiyaaa!". And then she'll slam my head in the refrigerator door five or six times.

But I don't have the added pressure of a grueling curriculum in Political Science, so maybe I should just count myself lucky.**

*Actually, it's only one Asian. But she's real loud and cranky.
**I was going to write a lot more sarcastic stuff about the grueling academic load of the woman in the video, but I really gotta go pee.

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