Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Curry Favored

Some people are food and/or drink snobs. I'm not. Mostly.

Things I am not at all picky about:

1) Beer
2) Coffee
3) Pizza
4) Mexican food
5) Desserts
6) Dumpling (shuijiao, guotie, etc.)

Things I am a hugely pretentious, picky wannabe connoisseur about:

1) Curry
2) Hot & Sour soup

Now being a curry snob, I have to pretty much automatically disregard Chinese and Japanese curries with a sniff and an arrogant tilt of my head. So I was pretty surprised to have my culinary fussbudget socks blown off by the food at Curry Champ.

Bonus: Quiet, super clean, great service.

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