Friday, December 24, 2010

Bannination Tales

From recent Forumosa shenanigans:

So there I was at the Pearly Gates, standing in front of St. Peter. And he gestured for me to go to the Australian section of heaven. But I said I wanted to go to the Taiwan part of heaven. And he said no, that is only for Taiwanese. You should have seen the look on St. Peter's face when I pulled out my R.O.C. ID card and showed it to him. He was even more embarrassed when he called God to confirm that my ID wasn't a fake, and God gave him a dressing down. And he was going to have to let me into the Taiwan heaven because I have a Taiwanese passport, when I suddenly realized that I wasn't even dead; it was just my son playing a prank on the internet.


Kevlar said...

Where is the post about stuffing a turkey and hunting down dinnerware and mistletoe?

Merry Christmas : )

Robin said...

You'd be a lot happier in Australian heaven.