Saturday, November 06, 2010

Potonic Dialogue

Wife: That crock pot is going to break if you use it on the stove.
Me: No it won't, because the cast iron skillet between the flame and the bottom of the pot will disperse the heat evenly across the flat ceramic surface, preventing cracks from uneven heat expansion.
Wife: We've been married eleven years, I know when you are just making shit up.
Me: I know what I'm doing. Perhaps you have forgotten that I have a PhD in Materials Engineering.
Wife: No you don't. You have a bachelors degree in philosophy.
Me: Oh yeah? Well... I'm gonna do it my way anyway.

*Sigh* Does anyone know of a good online engineering program?


Anonymous said...

Classic! If there is a married man alive who can't sympathize with that story; well he's lying.

Robin said...

With me, its the other way 'round. No matter how often she is instructed in the subject, my wife still does not understand that plastic and the stove top do not coexist.

Karl said...

@Robin: Well obviously. You need to put a *cast iron skillet* between the plastic and the stove top in order to disperse the kinetic heat... function spacetime... insulator.

Robin said...

That explains the cast iron skillet full of charred plastic in the trash ...