Monday, June 28, 2010


Here at Chewin' in the Chung, we like to poke gentle fun at a variety of targets. Sometimes we even abstain from using the phrase "insipid cocksucker". But in choosing recipients of our highly refined sensitive mirth, we try to avoid the low-hanging fruit. For example, today we will use neither the word "Inselaffen" nor the phrase "The Empire Strikes Out", because it would be poor form to kick a pom while he's down.

In that vein, we generally abstain from mocking feminists, philosophers, or combinations thereof, because they've got it hard enough already. And they get plenty of comical abuse from other vectors, most of it funnier than what we could come up with.

All that being said, Dear God in Heaven is Camile Paglia stupid.
Only the diffuse New Age movement, inspired by nature-keyed Asian practices, has preserved the radical vision of the modern sexual revolution. But concrete power resides in America’s careerist technocracy, for which the elite schools, with their ideological view of gender as a social construct, are feeder cells.

The NEW AGE MOVEMENT has preserved the sexual revolution? Because it is inspired by "nature-keyed Asian practices"? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA.

Man, if I weren't so busy being entrenched in careerist technocracy, I'd write a scathing rebuttal of that piece.


P. S. said...

You brought it on yourself by reading the NYT.

Go back to your en-trench.

Karl said...

Nah, I don't read the NYT. But the article was linked to by both Fark and Reddit with angry comments abounding. I don't usually pay any attention to mainstream criticism of feminists, but this is not the first time Paglia has attempted to give me a stroke.

Anonymous said...

That sentence made me dumber. Thanks for sharing.

I think all foreigners who think Asian spirituality is cool should be forced to participate in a temple election brawl in Da Ya.

Red A

Karl said...

Red A, I have found you an ally in your long, lonely battle against Taiwanese religious practices:

I'm sure you and Mr. Coplin will get along like a house on fire.