Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Now look woman; I don't care how you do it in your culture, peanut butter is NOT a luxury food. It's a staple, like flour or bacon or whiskey. Says who? Since peanuts are from America I guess it's *says the American*. I don't care what your Mom told you. Look, if we have a disagreement about fermented bean curd, I defer to your culture's 5000 years of history in eating rotten stuff. But I'll brook no disagreement on this peanut butter issue.

Yes, it goes fine in oatmeal. It's peanut butter, you can put it in or on anything.


Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ. Tell her that dried pork jerky powder shit is a luxury food and see what she says.

My wife, of course, simply combines peanut butter AND the dried pork jerky powder onto the sandwich.

Then the YMCA counselors ask me "what was that stuff your daughter was eating?"

Karl said...

God almighty in heaven, when I say that peanut butter can be put in or on anything, it is UNDERSTOOD that that does not include pork floss.

I swear to God my next wife is going to be Japanese.

Robin said...

I'm thinking Korean for mine.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

Karl said...

Bad idea. Koreans are crazy.

Robin said...

And Japanese are not? Hey, one word "tentacle hentai" ... well, OK, that was two words.

Karl said...

Not. Japanese are weirder than hell, but Koreans are hardcore crazy.