Thursday, April 29, 2010


Seen on Garage Journal forum:

Wife Cheating...looking for advice.

I just found my wife in a lie today. We were in the car and someone called her cell. She looked at the number and didn't answer it...which is odd to begin with. Someone then called back and left a voicemail. When she called her voicemail, I heard a guy leave her a message...when she got off the phone, I asked her who it was...she said it was one of her girlfriends.
I pretended to believe her. At night I checked her phone logs. She had erased the incoming caller information....but she had sent a text message to some guy...confirming dinner.
So, tonight she went out and I decided to check on her. I decided to park my Lifted '91 Ford Bronco next to the garage and then hide beside it so I could get a good view of the street around the corner when she came home. Crouching beside my truck, I noticed a coolant leak and found it was coming from the back of the right cylinder head.
So…is it likely a cracked cylinder head or possibly just the gasket?

The Garage Journal reply:

This could possibly be one of the most frustrating and stressful times in a man's life. It happens to the best of us without rhyme or reason. Don't blame yourself, don't start drinking, and don't listen to country music. Maybe a friend or family member would be willing to come over and perform a coolant system pressure check for you as it may be too much for you to take until you have had time to accept the fact of the leaking anti freeze.


Anonymous said...

other than this obvious gem - why are you reading the 'garage journal'? A fark link? Is it an onion spin off for red necks?

Karl said...

For the same reason I read the Toolguyd and Toolmonger sites in the links section. For work. I have to keep tabs on what end users love and hate about new tools on the market.