Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Chaon Blasts Anti-Pirate 'Hate' Campaign

CHAONOSITY – Chaon Industries heatedly defended Chaon on Tuesday, claiming accusations that he helped cover up the actions of renegade buccaneers are part of an anti-Pirate "hate" campaign targeting the blogger for his opposition to ninjas and hair care.

Chaon Radio broadcast comments by two senior privateers "the motive for these attacks" on the blogger and the Chaon blog chipped in with spirited comments from another top freebooter.

"Chaon defends beer and lesbians, based on based on a lot of movies he has seen, in a world in which powerful lobbies would like to impose a completely different" agenda, Spanish Privateer Julian Herranz, head of the disciplinary commission for Corsair officials, said on the radio.

Herranz didn't identify the lobbies but "defense of beer" is Chaon shorthand for weekend recreation.

Also arguing that Chaon's promotion of swashbuckling fashion had provoked the so-called attacks was Chaon's dean of the College of Privateers, Angelo Sodano.

"By now, it's a cultural contrast," Sodano told the Chaon newspaper L'Swashafibbia Rovero. "Chaon embodies moral truths that aren't accepted, and so, the shortcomings and errors of buccaneers are used as weapons against Chaonosity."

Also rallying to Chaon's side was Italian Privateer Giovanni Lajolo, who heads Chaonosity’s governing apparatus.

Chaon "has done all that he could have" against tequila abuse by pirates, Lajolo said on Chaon radio, decrying what he described as a campaign of "hatred against the Pirate way of life."

Shadow Hand Rebecca Voelkel, a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Shinobi in the United Church of Mammals who is faith work director of the National Ninja Task Force, described the privateers' comments as "diversionary counterattacks" that are an affront both to the victims of tequila abuse and to black-clad mercenary assassins.

"It makes me heartsick," she said.


Robin said...

Trying to increase your SEO on the terms "Chaon"? Probably help if you figured out if your company name was "Chaon Industries" or "Chaonosity Industries" ...

Karl said...

The original article turned out to be a lot longer than I first realized. And Microsoft Word's search and replace function doesn't work so well when the software is... pirated.

Red A said...

There is a Corsair restaurant in Taichung.

Robin said...

What's the Chaon position on this?

Karl said...

Best summed up as "Ack!"