Thursday, March 11, 2010


As I have made excessively clear on this blog over the years, watching too much CNN causes me to hemorrhage from the eyes and ears. So while in Europe the last couple of weeks, I channel surfed in the hotel pretty often, and ended quickly on MTV.DE . Now the last time I actively watched MTV of any kind, it was in eager anticipation of the latest videos from Ned's Atomic Dustbin or Utah Saints. I glance at the MTV channel a couple of times a year here in Taiwan, and find myself not particularly enthralled with what appears to be the latest Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese version of the Backstreet Boys. (If there is good music on MTV Taiwan that I am missing, somebody please let me know)

But German MTV! There is some kind of West-African techno rap or something, which I had never heard of, that is great. The Fettes Brot, "Hamburg's hip-hop-dinosaurs"- Hamburg has hip-hop? Too cool! Unheilig, which is like a techno-metal Pink Floyd with odd facial hair.

So I'm watching and listening to these videos with pen in hand, so I can write down stuff to buy later on Amazon (or just download if it's something like Kesha's Tik Tok), and I'm thinking "Man, these Europeans are so cool and sophisticated and they have all this cool music..." when on the TV comes a video by Robbie fucking Williams! And now instead I'm yelling "What the HELL is WRONG with these EUROTARDS that they still listen to this TALENTLESS drug-addled PILLOCK?**

I was going to throw a ratchet and socket set at the TV to make Robbie Williams go away, but my wife said that if we ended up paying for a broken hotel TV, she'd smother me to death with a pillow. So I just yelled a lot. I hope the German MTV people heard me, and fix that nonsense.

*Generally anything over 3 minutes, unless Kristie Lu Stout is on.
** I learned this word "pillock" yesterday in Forumosa's Temp forum (Thank you Sandman). I hope I am using it correctly.


Anonymous said...

I also enjoy German MTV in hotels, especially because you can't understand the VJ. I also saw my first and only episode of the Osbornes there.

Have you ever seen techno-viking?

Kristie Lu Stout, I'd buy her a Guiness.

Red A

Karl said...

I've only seen Techno-Viking references on FARK. Not sure what it's about.

Robin said...

Where all did you visit?

Karl said...

Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Munich (work), Frankfurt (work), Cologne (work), Berlin.

Some things in Prague rocked me to my arrogant atheist core, and I'm still trying to figure out how to write up the experience.

Robin said...

We had a great time in Prague when Lisa and I went there for a week a couple of years ago. It was probably the best trip to Europe we have had to date. People were very friendly, and the prices were ridiculously inexpensive. Beer was 90 cents a pint! We have not visited the rest of your list yet ( just transfered flights in the airports of Munich and Frankfurt so far ).

Did you go to the Cathedral in Prague Castle? It has stained glass windows designed by Alfonse Mucha. There is also a museum to Mucha that we enjoyed a lot.

Karl said...

Well, I've been back over a week now, and still haven't written the evidence of God piece. It was going to be about the exact two things you mention above. We were in that Cathedral (St. Vitus) for less than two hours, and both atheist Karl and his Buddhist wife were forced to seriously consider that everything we believe about God is wrong. It was that moving, and if the Church would change its policy on birth control I'd go see a priest the next day about converting.

And the humorous counterpart of my argument would be that if spending time in St. Vitus doesn't make you believe in God, then Czech beer certainly will. Unbelievable good and cheap.

Robin said...

I knew you'd love Czech beer.

We found the food prices refreshingly inexpensive. Although there is something uniquely wrong about "Czech-Mex" cuisine.