Saturday, February 13, 2010

Go Find a Roll of Duct Tape

Ishmael and I call this the Angry Car, because neither of can work on it for more than two minutes without becoming enraged.

The Packaging:

Our progress so far:

And we lost one of the 7mm nuts. It is my understanding that educational toys like this are supposed to stimulate a desire to learn how things are put together, while teaching the basics of mechanical stuff. All this toy does is stimulate in me a desire to throw it out the window and go get a beer. Ishmael is being taught a bunch of new and creative English language profanity.


Robin said...

That box ought to be submitted to Engrish.

P. S. said...

I fell out of my chair when I saw the second picture, LOL.

Were you following the instructions?

Karl said...

We were trying to follow the instructions. I had pulled out several sets of of the world's best quality micro ratchets *ahem*, and every drive head and socket was too big to be used in most places on this car. That of course just made me angrier.