Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Help me out here

What is a 'Combo Armorer'?


Red A said...

It helps you repair either chain mail or plate mail.

Maybe scale mail, too, if you buy the deluxe version.

Not for use with Elvin or Mithral chain mail. Keep out of reach of children. Small Parts Choking hazard. No armor class bonus offered or implied. Not for sale in California.

Robin said...

Actually, this is a tool designed for use on the AR-15 family of weapons. The various tool ends are used for things like tightening the buffer tube/stock mount, the barrel castle nut, etc.

So it is an armorer's combination tool.

These have been on the market for some time, interesting that the patent issues now.

Robin said...

Ah, I should have paid more attention - its a design patent. Silly me.

Karl said...

Thank you for the explanation Robin. They should have just called it an "Armorer's Combination Tool". It's things like this that keep me awake at night.

Robin said...

Anytime, Karl.

Not the identical tool, but another version: