Thursday, July 09, 2009

Things I now know

Dill Pickles- Crazy high in Sodium. Not exactly the healthy snack I thought it was. Same with olives. There was a find-the-sodium contest 9 years ago. I missed it.

If you search the Armour Foods website for the word "Sodium", you won't find anything.

You can buy a cast iron frying pan in Taichung at the kitchen supply place near the intersection of Chung Kang and Li Ming Rds. You can buy a 10 liter variable-temperature crock pot for NT$3500 at another kitchen supply store that I'm not going to disclose because fnord I'm going to go back and buy it myself just as soon as I figure out space for it in the kitchen.

Not getting enough sleep sucks more for non-smokers.

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