Monday, January 05, 2009

Things I learn from crossword puzzles, part 23142: Adeste Fideles. Writing "Semper" in the slot and doggedly insisting that it had to be right about tripled the time needed to finish.


Math is awesome: A famous proof is revised


Bill O'Reilly is...


I want to buy a Wii, but I'm worried about getting screwed on software availability like I did on the Xbox (original). Can you mod a wii? How many games are available locally? Does anyone want to buy a modded Xbox with a bunch of games?

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Spencer said...

When I used to live in Taichung my boss had a modded Wii. She was able to play games from Japan. I think she got a few games from a store in the neighborhood. I tried to help her download some titles but couldn't get the images to work.
So yes you can mod a Wii and you can download the games if you figure out how to burn and encode them correctly. It wasn't my Wii so I wasn't too motivated about getting games for it but I'm sure you could figure it out if you get one.