Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Era errors

This article's headline says "Humans made fire 790,000 years ago: study", and reports on finds made at an archeological dig in Israel. Now I'm not all that good at history, but were there really humans in Israel 790,000 years ago? For that matter, were there humans anywhere 790,000 years ago?


Anonymous said...


Earlier excavations there, carried out under the direction of Prof. Naama Goren-Inbar of the Institute of Archaeology, showed that the occupants of the site – who are identified as being part of the Acheulian culture that arose in Africa about 1.6 million years ago -- had mastered fire-making ability as long as 790,000 years ago. This revelation pushed back previously accepted dates for man’s fire-making ability by a half-million years.

Yahoo/Ap making an error seems possible...Science Daily? But I agree I thought humans have not been around that long...maybe they include our ancestors that weren't homo sapiens?

Red A

Karl said...

Wait a minute. It says right there at the beginning of the article "prehistoric hominids". Prehistoric hominids are not humans, are they?

Anonymous said...

I think its a definition problem.


How about an anthropology rapper? "I want to give a shout out to my homininis, yo! Homo Erectus!"