Monday, July 16, 2007

Reading The Exile, it is good to see that where Chaon walks, the Russians follow.

From Boing Boing, the origin of the current U.S. policy toward the Mideast explained: too many comic books.

From various sources, Michael Moore has a new movie, and CNN dissed it. Then Moore got all pissed off, and I don't know what happened then because I don't care about CNN and have never seen any of Moore's movies. I have had kind of a grudging respect for Michael Moore in that the movies he produces are capable of turning both Red A & J-Hole into quivering founts of red-faced stuttering moral outrage... without either of them having seen the movies. That's kind of a neat trick. Just the existence of these films has got people crying themselves to sleep at night out of worry that the HOLLYWOOD LEFT are going to... I don't know, abolish war or something. So I see this Yahoo news article about the recent spat and catch this line from Moore:
"I trust the intelligence of the American people"
Well Mr. Moore, I think you just blew all your credibility in the Chaon demographic.


Spencer said...

i think my 10th grade Lit teacher taught me about this foreshadowing thing, but she was fat and stupid so I never listened. funny yet true comic :)

Speaking of Mideast and terrorism, I found this and thought I'd share with you:

Someone in the comments was like "you forgot the White House".

Karl said...

Great link Spencer! The arguments in the comments are priceless. I bet within a day or so we'll see a comment from Tim Maddog demanding that the KMT flag be added to the list.

J-hole said...

It's on my to-see list, right after Chariots of the Gods.

Red A said...

Actually, I have seen some Michael Moore TV stuff before and it was mildly funny. I don't doubt he can string together his scenes to be funny and make his point. I probably would have the most "red face sputtering" reaction to Fahrenheit 911 vs. the rest of his ouvre.

And while we are on the subject of "have to experience the product before we can judge it" I will be going to China soon - How many packs of Bao-tz do you want Karl?

Karl said...

I'll be in Shanghai in October, so I'm good for now.