Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Because I grew up in Tampa, I had the good fortune to attend "Nature's Classroom", an outdoor educational camp thing, about sixty-seven times. That means I know a lot more about tortoises than you do. For example:

Tortoises are not turtles.
Tortoises eat plants. Or maybe bugs.
If you feed your tortoise turtle food bought in a pet store, your tortoise will die.
Tortoises live in holes that they dig themselves. Rattlesnakes like to live in holes, but can't dig any. So sometimes a rattlesnake and a tortoise will live in the same hole, until the tortoise gets tired of the rattlesnake sitting on the couch all day watching TV and moves out in disgust.

What I did not know, is that tortoises can be pretty territorial, as evidenced in these two videos:
Repel the canine invader
No cat zone.

1 comment:

Red A said...

Do not mess with the tortoise.

Dang,they seemed so determined to keep attacking.

This also reminds me of geese, which can be very aggressive as well.