Friday, March 16, 2007

A new weekend is upon us, and this one comes laden with St. Patrick's Day stuff.

From the E-mails so far:
FM will be having $100 Black and Tans, $50 Paddy Shots, $90 Jameson's, and Murphy's. The Kitchen will be dishing up a homemade corned beef and cabbage at $280.
Mmmm. Black and Tans. Blacks and Tans? [Black & Tan]'s.

And also:
Rockin' the Clover Festival
Grooveyard, in conjunction with Tiger City, are proud to announce a St. Patrick's Day all ages concert, featuring:
Berri Txarrak, .22 and WinSky, on the outdoor stage at Tiger City!!! Performances from 2 until 5pm.

(and later that same night, YO!!)
at Grooveyard:
Berri Txarrak
supported by .22

Phenomenal rock trio from Spain on their Asian tour. Like the Foo Fighters sung in Spanish. Local lads .22 are amped and ready to prime all for what should be a wicked St Patrick's Day!
$300 cover Music 8:00-11:30pm!!
So there are a couple of options for Irish imbibing this weekend. Yo.

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